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September 2008 Newsletter

Sunshine Generation of NE Tacoma, Wa.


September 2008 Newsletter

Hello Parents and students!

How exciting! The school bell has rung and we are in full swing. Thank you for joining us for Sunshine Generation this quarter. I love All these New Faces and many smiley happy returning ones!


All students needing costumes must have their orders in by Fri. October 3rd.

I will measure students once I receive a check made out to Sunshine Generation.

All Girls Costumes are $82.00. They include: Dress, Shorts, Hair Scrunchy, Ballet shoes. They wear the same costume for the duration of their time in that group which could be up to 3 years. They may need a new costume when they GROW! See Me to order boys outfits.

Costume SALE

We have so many students moving to NEW groups that I thought I would give you the opportunity to buy or sell a gently used costume. Please make sure your costume is in good condition. After two years of constant use it is probably not in the best shape any more and should not be sold.

If you would like to sell your gently worn costume send it to school labeled with :

Your Name

Phone number

Size and group (ex. Sundance-M)

Any missing parts: Should have: dress, shorts,hair scrunchy  -for girls. Boys: Shirt, pants, bow tie or cumberbun.

Price you would like for it. I would price them $50 and below according to how old it is, if all the parts are there, and general appearance.

 I will keep all the costumes in the Music Room for parents to look at before the OCT. 3rd cut off date for Costume orders. I will be the middle man and take checks made out to the parent the costume was purchased from and deliver the checks.


Ballet Slipper Box- In my room I have a box of used ballet slippers. When you outgrow your shoes please consider donating them to the box. When YOU need a pair look in the box and see if one fits.

New Ballet Slippers can be purchased at Payless Shoes Source. They come with your first order but as the feet grow you will need new ones.


                        Sundance Group

Families, if your child is in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade they can come down to my music room right after school-please let their teacher know they are in Sunshine. They have 15 min. before class begins. This would be a good time for them to change clothes or have a snack, do homework or read. This is  suppose to be a calm time. Please remind your child of my expectations. They are also suppose to clean up after themselves if they bring food.

Thank you.


Every once in a while groups need to bring a prop from home to use in the show. For this show the SUNBEAMS (3 years-”K”) need to bring a WHITE STANDARD PILLOW CASE from home. Please put their name on the inside. Bring them as soon as you can so we can start practicing with them. Thank you!!


Wed. Nov. 19th 3:45-5:45 ALL group practice- No costumes. This is a 2 hour practice




Dec. 4th THURSDAY- 3:45-5:45 FULL DRESS rehearsal

Dec. 6th 12:15-FESTIVAL OF TREES--Downtown Tacoma


         E-mail and web site

 I now have a web site up and running- Yeah. I will be posting this newsletter. The Sunshine Generation information packet is there also.

Please forward this on to anyone interested in Sunshine Generation.

Also, If you have not received any Sunshine Generation e-mails from me over the summer then I do not have an e-mail for you. If you would like to be on my contact list please give me your e-mail and I will put you on the list. If you e-mail me then I will have your contact info!

         HOW Tuition works...

Over the years I have had many questions about how you, as a parent, should pay for classes. Let me explain.

The same amount of tuition is paid every  month. Some months have 3 classes, some have 4, and some have 5. So it averages out to 4 activities a month. A two hour rehearsal counts as 2 classes. A concert, celebration, parade etc...  also counts as a class time. So you pay the same in Dec. and June as you would in any other month. If your child goes all year, this year, there will actually be 5 extra class times!

I hope that makes sense!








Tell Everyone about Sunshine!


Due to District rules I can no longer hand out fliers  about Sunshine so word of mouth is going to be EXTREMELY important. Please spread the news that we are here!

Thank you so much.   



       Tuition Due NOW


1 student- $42    

2 students- $79

Thank You so much!


Melody Barlow


 Check us out on the web: 


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