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Our Policies

Sunshine Generation of NE Tacoma, Wa.



Please read this ENTIRE packet! !

Hi, my name is Melody Flannagan and I'm the director of Sunshine Generation of Northeast Tacoma. Feel free to call me at my message phone 253-230-4518 or e-mail me at I will return your e-mail or phone call as soon as possible. I am always available to ensure the success of this program for your child.

Northeast Tacoma Class Times 

Crescent Heights Elementary Music Room

I will be holding classes on

 Wednesday  for the 2018-19 school year.

Sunbeam & Sundance ("K"- 3rd gr.) 3:45-4:30pm

Solar Sound & Sound Station (4th-8th)      4:30 -5:15pm           

Registration and General Release form

Please fill out the attached page and either mail it to me or bring it to the next class and put it in my Tuition Box.


Class will be held in the room indicated above. Quarterly, we may use another location and time for a Dress rehearsal. Your newsletter will indicate any of the location differences. Occasionally, when there is a holiday (like Thanksgiving) that falls on your normal class day I may change the day for the week. I may see two classes at once for two hours and that will count as two weeks of classes. Your newsletter will keep you appraised of the weeks this may happen.

Class Attire

Children may wear anything they feel is comfortable to class. Children are also welcome to bring ballet shoes to class as they are best to dance in.

Class Procedures

Classes are 45 minutes in length and will begin and end on time. Remind your child to get a drink and use the bathroom BEFORE coming to class. Students will not be allowed to use the restroom or get a drink during class (except in extreme emergencies) - it interrupts and distracts the other students! After class, children are not allowed to leave the classroom until I see their parents or carpool rides. This is for the children's safety. If your child misses a class, it is your responsibility to find out any information that they missed. We try to schedule everything well in advance, but occasionally there will be last minute changes or pertinent information you will need to know. Make sure to pickup your child on time, because in most cases, I have a class waiting to begin. We are continually striving for high quality performances. Please encourage your child to learn the music at home and practice often with their CD.

Attendance & Tuition

Attendance on a regular basis is necessary for students' progress. If your child misses a class, he/she may attend a make-up class at a different time if one is available.

I charge by the month, not by the lesson. Please pay for lessons on the first week of each month! If for any reason it is not possible for you to pay on the first week, please contact me to make arrangements, if not, there will be a $5.00 late fee added after the 10th. Tuition is $42.00 per month for lessons, and a family rate of $79.00 for 2 students, $111.00 for 3 students, and $138.00 for 4 students of the same family enrolled in Sunshine (cousins don't count). If you pay by check ( made to MELODY FLANNAGAN), your check is your receipt. Please indicate at the bottom of your check what payment is for. A receipt will be given upon request for cash. I also accept payment though the VENMO app. My user name is : Melody-flannagan.You can put your payment in the Tuition Box during class. Classes are not held on major Holidays and will not be held on a day that a performance is scheduled. The performance replaces class that day.


Please bring your child on time to class each week, happy and ready to learn. Make sure they have used the restroom, had a drink of water and a nap, if they need one, before class begins. There is to be no gum, drinks, candy, or toys brought to class. Children are responsible for their own behavior. We use a system called "Conducting Conduct" that non-verbally keeps students on task. We will be having a lot of FUN in class, but we do not have a minute to spare for rowdiness or not paying attention. We use the time-out method of discipline after several nonverbal warnings. Kindness is always the rule and as they are ready to rejoin the class, they are invited to do so.

Observing Policy

 Parents are invited to watch class occasionally if they will remain silent and avoid chatting with each other. Your child's full attention is needed during class to learn the material and prepare for the shows. If the parent's attendance becomes distracting (student watching parent instead of me or running to tell parent something and then running back to join the class) please leave the classroom. We would ask the older children either play outside, sit quietly and watch or do homework so that students may not find what they are doing more interesting than what I am teaching. Snacks of any kind need to be eaten outside of class. All students waiting for the previous class to dismiss and their class to begin need to wait quietly at the back of the room with their parent. Occasionally, we may ask all parents to leave the classroom.


 Participation in performances is optional - but the most rewarding part of Sunshine! (That applause is the "pay-off" to children for their efforts in class). Students must have attended class for 8 weeks before they can perform. All performers must wear a complete Sunshine Generation costume. Information is attached on ordering your costume. If you cannot afford a costume, talk with me about some options. Your child can still attend weekly classes, even if he/she chooses not to perform. Even without the public performances, the child will learn so much and have a great time in class.

Group Dress Rehearsal

Each student MUST attend the Group Dress Rehearsal held before the quarterly performances in order to perform. It is just too hard on everyone to have children show up at the performances who have not practiced with the group at the rehearsal. Also, each student MUST be in costume for the Group Dress Rehearsal. The children need this to "feel" how it is to perform the particular show in their costume. They behave more like performers when in costume and we get a chance to check all details and inform you in time to take care of them, if necessary, before we perform.


Parents are responsible to transport their own children to each show, arriving 20-30 minutes before the show begins. Students need to be ready backstage (dressed in costume, had drink, used restroom, calm & happy) 15 minutes before each performance. You may work out carpools among yourselves, but I cannot take responsibility for driving children (insurance reasons, etc.) Parents are responsible for their own children directly before and after both classes and shows!


Friends are welcome to participate in one free class during the first 4 weeks of a new session (September, January, April). This gives the student a chance to introduce Sunshine to a friend. Word of mouth is one of my best forms of advertising. If you enjoy the program, by all means share it with a friend. After the first 4 weeks, we are far enough into the new show that someone coming for the first time might feel lost and behind. It is also not fair to the existing students to have me keep going back to breaking down step by step the things we have already learned at the beginning of the session after the first 4 weeks. We usually will have openings at the beginning of each new session for new students and everything is still fairly new to everyone, so this is a great time to bring friends. When the friend joins, we will give them this General Packet, CD and word packet of our current show. 

Stage Parents

There is an opportunity for parents to get involved as a "Stage Parent". Stage Parents are the reason our performances run smoothly. Please take the opportunity to be a stage parent sometime during the year. Your child will have the joy of their parent helping and it really isn't that hard! I give you Stage Parent Show instructions that tell you everything you need to know from props, special parts, song order, when to do what, etc. Helping at the Group Dress Rehearsal will fully prepare you for the upcoming show. I don't expect perfection, just a willing heart and a pleasant attitude (you'll need to keep the performers waiting "backstage" quiet - but do this with firm kindness).

Vocal Instruction

We will be using a combination of vocal methods such as the Seth Riggs methods and the Koday method.

Special Part Policy

Sometime during the year, I would like to have each child (if they would like to) have at least one opportunity to do a special part at the microphone during a performance. This may be a speaking or singing part. I introduce the special parts during class time. We work on expression during class so they understand what I'm looking for when they say the narrative in class. I then make assignments according to the part fitting the child. I don't always look for the best, I may have to bring their best out. Again, I look for parts that "fit" and where the child will gain confidence and self-esteem by doing it. Solos are chosen much the same way. I do look for someone who has practiced at home and knows the part well. Depending on the difficulty of the Finale solos, will determine which group I will pick the soloist from. Part of my work as a teacher is to help develop the singing voice. I work on this each week and each child's voice will improve like an instrument does through practice. Please don't expect a special part each show. I am aware and keep track of who does what at a performance and spread the opportunities around. When I send home the assigned special part, be sure to practice with your child so they return to class with it memorized and animated with facial, body and voice expression. I will fine-tune it during class.

Student CD's

Each child or family will receive 1 student CD each quarter of the material we will be learning. The cost of this CD is included in your tuition. If you need a replacement Student CD's they are available for $9.00.


Termination - no longer going to come, whatever you want to call it - Being a parent myself, I realize that children change and their interests change also. I know that your child will not be in "Sunshine" forever, even though I would love to have them forever. However, you will be charged tuition until a PARENT has notified me, that a child will not longer be coming.


Parental input is always welcome. I am more than happy to listen to and consider any suggestion or comments you have. Certain things that are done in Sunshine are National Policy and cannot be altered, but others are my choice. Also, I would like to hear of any performing opportunities you may know about. I appreciate each and every one of you parents and also your support in getting the children to class each week and to their shows. I know that one of the factors that make Sunshine Generation so successful is the terrific support I get and each child receives from parents. I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me. Teachers have a great impact on children, and I will strive to make that influence a very positive one!


Costumes will be slowly evolving in the next few years. Our costume supplier is no longer making our beautiful dresses and the Sunshine Generation Company is no longer making them mandatory. I LOVE the dresses!! If you have a red or gold Sunshine dress please wear it. If you have one and it does Not fit anymore please consider donating it to me. I have decided to LOAN them to students for as long as they fit. Then again have them return them to me so I can keep loaning them out.

If there is not a costume to fit you then here is the NEW outfit rules for our group:


Black yoga style pants, Black short sleeve t-shirt, black ballet slippers. RED hair scrunchy for Sunbeams and Sundance. GOLD hair scrunchy for Solar Sounds.

Boys: (Same as before)

White long sleeve dress shirt, black pants, black shoes and socks. Red ties. I will purchase the ties. The cost for parents will be  $20.

Garment Bag

Garment bags are MANDATORY. We have had students misplace costume pieces and show up to Dress Rehearsal without them. Since partly costumed children cannot perform, it is important to keep their costumes clean, pressed, together in 1 place - "performance ready". No scrambling last minute to find a ballet shoe or bow tie or nylons. Please keep ALL items in a garment bag with your childs' name on it.


Sunbeam, Sundance and Solar Sound girls need skin tone sheer to waist nylons which can be purchased at J.C. Penneys, Target, or Nordstrom in smaller sizes.

Hair Bows

Parents please have the hair scruchies situated on the crown of your child’s head. Only a small part of hair needs to be in the scrunches. It works on girls with long or short hair.

Mmb 02/19

Registration Information







Parent name__________________________________________


City______________________   Zip______________________



I agree to pay $_____ per month (see page 3 TUITION) UNTIL I notify the director to remove my child’s name from the roll.


Sunshine Generation Release of Liability Form

General Release Form

Being aware that there is a risk of injury whenever children are involved in physical activity and travel, I agree to release and hold harmless SUNSHINE GENERATION, INC., and its officers, agents, licensees, directors and employees ("Sunshine") from any damages, physical injury, or death that incurred while my child is involved with Sunshine in attending music and dance class instruction, performing with the group, or traveling. I accept the risk of and hold Sunshine harmless from all responsibility for damages, physical injury, or death incurred while transporting my child(ren) to and from class and performances. I realize that performances are optional and it is my responsibility to transport my own child to activities and performances.

Name of Child­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________________

Parent's Signature________________________________________________________


Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at: